The Work

I'm tired today. And not the kind that gets slept off or rested away. I'm tired because i've done a lot of work, and im still sick.

This work is the type that doesnt require physical strength or endurance, and not the kind that gets easier over time. I am tired because there will never be a day of my waking life where I don't think about using drugs or drinking alcohol. .
This disease does not get better or go away over time. In fact, its so fucking powerful, that if you stop doing the work to abstain, it will make you question if you ever had a problem. This disease is such a succubus. It showed me love, gave me life, but it will also kill me if i let it.
If you know anyone who is an addict, and has had any success in their life getting clean, even if for just a short while, know that they have done some of the hardest work in this life.

AddictionDevon Dadoly