Derek • pt. 1

Age 15.

I noticed him the last day of 9th grade. There was a talent show and he was in it- playing harmonica. Long hair, tie-dye t-shirt. i wanted him,  but i didn’t know why.

2 months later- just before school started for the year, he came through my line with his mother. It was his 19th birthday. He bought toilet paper and steaks- enough for his family dinner.

I was hooked.

I logged on to my Myspace account to find him, and eventually I did- his username was a nod to his love of poker “chpldrin04”.

After several days of videochatting, and meeting him in the halls, I told him I wanted to be his girlfriend. The rollercoaster romance of my life quickly took over and 8 years later, i’m writing this.

Devon Dadoly