He had an intensely manicured face, and he mistreated me in the way that I felt I deserved.

Donnie acted like I owed him my body and I had convinced myself that he owned me. He spoke about past lovers like they were his property, and grew angry when reflecting on past rejections. Instead of asking for things, he demanded them.

We had sex quite a few times before he told me that he knew who I was before we had even met. He showed me pictures of himself in highschool when he was almost 100 pounds heavier. I didn’t remember him, but he was convinced that we’d spoken several times in between classes.

Though he had undergone tremendous weight loss, I could tell that his entitlement came from a deep seated resentment towards women who had rejected him.

“No woman has ever made me cum from a blowjob. Now it’s your turn to try.”

After nearly choking me, I felt his cum drip down my throat, and I smiled. What a fucking accomplishment. I let some enormous douchebag violate my mouth and my body, and somehow he convinced me that it was my duty to pleasure him.

Devon Dadoly