Derek • pt. 2

I left my friends at the bar to meet him for a walk. We met at the baseball diamond behind his house where we made love so many times before.

It was hot that night and my dress clung to the folds of my skin. I had a few too many drinks, but he didn’t seem to care now that we weren’t together anymore.

My hightops rubbed against my ankle with every step across the dew- soaked grass, but all I could focus on was the tension I felt.

I wanted to grab his hand. I wanted him to pull me close quickly and forcefully the way he used to- it was familiar. It felt safe.

He stopped once we reached the bleachers and grabbed my forearm to pull me towards him.

He said “Devon, I’m going to kiss you.”
I felt an evil smile curl across my lips.
I responded, “I’m kissing other people now.”

I felt a weight lift off of his shoulders. 
It was over.

Devon Dadoly