Aaron • pt. 1

Age 15.

He was skinny and wild- just like me. I could see this through his collared shirt and black pants that graced the aisles of the grocery store in which we worked. I knew he was older, but I wanted him. Once, he bought several teas at my register. I casually scanned each one, memorizing the flavors, so that later we could discuss his purchases (I needed something to talk about).

One afternoon, i approached him with the men’s fashion magazine i had been clinging to since i met him- soft and wrinkled, i handed it to him. I showed him the shoes and shirts i thought were interesting, but it was nothing that we could ever afford. He didn’t understand my approach, but i could tell he thought that i was interesting enough.

Somehow, we started texting- slow at first and then faster and faster until i invited him to my parents house on the weekend before school started for us both.

We walked to an abandoned barn and i wanted to kiss him.

It never happened.

Devon Dadoly