Aaron • pt. 2

I ran into him 6 months after losing my virginity. He was playing banjo in a Neil Young tribute show at a strange bar near Philadelphia. I don’t remember much about that day but I know that I desperately wanted to reconnect with him.

About a week later, my friend and I met him and his friend at the diner where you could still smoke cigarettes in the booths. We ordered water and tried to track down some alcohol, eventually overpaying for an opened plastic handle of Vladimir vodka from an acquaintance who had been keeping it hidden behind a tree in his backyard. We were 16 and desperate to party.

My friend and I called our parents to say that we would be spending the night at each other’s houses.

In a surprisingly pleasant way, he smelled like he hadn’t showered recently. His hair was just as wild as a remember, and he looked different outside of his grocery uniform.

That night, I got one memorably unmemorable kiss and mild alcohol poisoning. I called my boyfriend to tell him that I did something bad. His voice cracked, "Dev, I don't want to know."

He would continue to reappear in the cast of local characters near West Chester- dropping in and out of school whenever he pleased, endlessly changing his life plan, but never making any progress.

Devon Dadoly