photo by Golden Folk Photo, LLC

photo by Golden Folk Photo, LLC

about me

I am a painter and self taught photographer living and working in Philadelphia, PA. I am an outspoken advocate for body positivity and destigmatizing addiction. My work has been shown in galleries, retail shops, and corporate centers in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.

about my photography

After struggling for years with my own body image, I began to see that I wasn’t alone. I started using my camera to capture the beautiful women that I saw all around me. I don’t work with models, makeup artists, or sets. My goal is to provide a safe space for my clients to see themselves the way that I do- a work of art.

about my paintings

My paintings are mean to bridge the gap between events of my past and the way that I perceive them today. My work is a memoir of my experiences with addiction, trauma, and mental illness. Each piece is intuitive, cathartic, and unplanned; characteristically involving chaotic swatches of color to illustrate loss of control and detailed lines. The large, fluid pools of color illustrate a loss of control, while the meticulous linear work on top symbolizes the obsession and commitment that goes with trying to cover impulsiveness and shame. There is so much emotional energy and concentration put into each piece, making it undeniably authentic and true.


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